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Golf Cart Tires and Wheels - Find Your Best Options Here
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Golf Cart Tires and Wheels

Building your own golf cart tires and wheels allow you the customization and freedom to choose whatever golf cart wheels and tires you want. Whether its cheap golf cart rims and tires, off road golf cart tires, club car tires, the list goes on, you can build them here. But if your looking for golf cart tires and rims for sale and don’t care for specific rims or tires or wheels, then building your own set will cost you a bit more. A bit more then the premade sets that is.  The reasoning I’m sure you can understand. See below for our top 3 choices of golf cart wheels and tires combo.

Wheels and Tires

  • tire wheel amazon

  • An Amazon Best Seller for Golf Cart Wheels and Tires with phenomenal value. When a product has 81 5-star reviews on Amazon, we can confidently recommend it.  These Fresh Wheels and Rims will turn heads, so if the Storm Troopers break your bank, don’t fret, you’ll still wheel some cart bunnies.

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(4) 10|| Storm Trooper Lo-Profile

  • Wheels Tires 10"Black 4-split storm trooper machined wheels with Excel Golf Pro II Tires.  It’s hard to say no to the looks of these babies. Whether your a pimped out trailer park granny, or an old school bossman looking to wheel some cart bunnies, this is your best bet.

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golf cart tires and rims for sale

What size golf cart tires and wheels is best for you?

Well I’m going to tell you what you already know, and that is: it depends on which tire and golf cart wheels and tires combo is best for you. You can get big knobby tires for off roading, dirty dust whipping and a big mean delinquent look. Or you can get the low-profile gangster golf cart rims and tires, slick and sleek like that burgundy velour tracksuit your waiting to inherit from your dying grandfather. I can’t tell you what to buy, but I recommend not going to big. If your looking for simple and will be buying a lot of sets, the 8-10″ is your best bet. These are the most practical and most affordable. Anything bigger gets custom. Anything bigger, practicality wise, means you have a big cart, a lift kit, or are going for style points with your golf cart rims and tires.golf cart wheels and tires

Best Set of Golf Cart Rims and Tires?

Whats the best set of Golf Cart Wheels and Tires? We recommend going with the 8″ white steel tire and wheel combo, or the golf cart tire and wheel combo from Amazon. At a cool price just shy of $200 for four, these babies won’t break your bank, or cause you a migraine from the owner when he finds out you just bought 14″ rims for EVERY cart on the course. Now if you have a very fancy course, take a look at your carts. Are they fancy too? If so, then you may want to dish money out on some better tires and wheels. Although, the classic white steel on black rubber golf cart tires and wheels is never a bad idea

 Does Price Equal Longevity?

Oh yeah, but its a matter of how much more and how much longer you golf cart tires and wheels will last.  Are golf cart tires and rims for sale ever a good idea? Well of course. Thats why we sorted them above for you based on quality and price. We look for the best value, not just the lowest price. Lowest price does not imply worst quality, as highest price does not imply best quality. And with the golf cart tires and rims for sale are, it’s hard to find which tires will last longest. Which are the best brands, and which will be the best bang for your buck.  So yes, they probably will last longer if you pay a bit more. But if you can find good golf cart tires and rims for sale, then that may be your best bet.

Should I Buy the Golf Cart Wheels Separately?

Should you buy your golf cart tires and wheels separately? If you have a shop that can take the golf cart rims and tires on and off one another efficiently and affordably then yeah sure, go ahead. But I doubt you have the skills and speed to do this.  If your current tires are great, then yeah there is potential you could save money. You’ll have to analyze your options. If you have really expensive tires, but you need new wheels, then this might make even more sense to you.  But if your looking for the generic sets to replace yours a give a new feel, then maybe you should just go ahead and buy the set.

Should I Buy the Golf Cart Tires Separately?

Should you buy your golf cart wheels and tires separately? Go over what we just said, but in reverse. Are your Wheels expensive? Are they in good shape?  Can you salvage them, restore them?  If the time it takes you to salvage the old ones are worth it then great! Remember, you’ll be helping out the environment if you do salvage them.  It may take a bit of extra time, but you’ll feel better about your decision, and the planet, along with future generations will thank you.

What’s the Cheapest Golf Cart Wheels and Tires Combo?

Do yourself a favour and don’t buy the cheapest golf cart tire and wheel combo. Its no surprise that our highest ranked golf cart wheels and tires combo is also the most affordable. However, that does not mean they will last the longest. You have to consider how much wear and tear your golf cart wheels and tires combo will get. If they will be used heavily, like on a course, then go with a golf cart wheels and tires combo that’s a little better quality. You’ll pay a bit more, but it will be worth it in the long run. Not only will they last longer, but they will stay looking good longer.

Golf Cart Wheels and Tires

golf cart rims and tiresUsually the golf cart wheels and tires combo is your best bang for buck.  Golf Cart Wheels and Tires are a booming area, with cities in the states of 110,000 people practically all driving carts. Watch out on the road there, as far as I know, no license is required to drive these puppies on the road. And if Grandma Mary gets behind a turbo charged Ez Cart with knobby 12 inch tires, she may run your F-150 off the road unwillingly out of control.

Golf Cart Tires and Rims for Sale

Looking for fancy, looking for class? Are you looking to impress your neighbour with you new set of golf cart tires and rims for sale?  Well first off, who cares about your neighbour, this decision all comes down to your preference. Trust yourself, what you think looks best is best. What you believe has the best quality probably does. You can find golf cart tires and rims for sale all over, but you have to be crafty in finding the best solution. Hopefully we’ve made that process a little easier for you.

Club Car Wheels and Tires

Club Car Wheels and Tires are best bought online. Just measure your current golf cart rims and tires for specs and make sure what your buying lines up. Go to a shop and you’ll get hosed. If he’s your best friend, maybe you’ll stand a chance getting a fair deal.