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Gas vs Electric Golf Carts - Golf Cart tires and wheels zone
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Once you have decided to buy that new golf cart you have a few decisions to make. One of the biggest is the engine type which will be either a gas powered engine or an electric one. The market for both new and used carts in the US is enormous so you have plenty of options on engine, manufacturer and price. Both have been around for decades and parts are readily available for each one so how you are going to use your new golf cart will determine which makes the most sense.

Gas carts are powered by a traditional combustion engine and generally have a lot more power than their electric counterparts. If you are thinking about adding a lot of accessories like lights and a serious sound system the power generated by a gas cart will meet your needs. These carts will perform better than their counterparts in hilly or rough terrain and are less likely to leave you stranded. Gas powered carts will have the same maintenance requirements as a regular car such as oil and filter changes. This will be your best option if you drive a lot of miles or ride around with a lot of people. There is not need to remember to charge your cart at night, simply fill it up like a regular car and your are set for a couple hundred miles.

Electric carts are a great option for you if you drive only a few miles a day or like a silent ride. Electric engines are very reliable and require minimal maintenance. As long as you keep the batteries charged they would generally last several years before the batteries need to be replaced. These carts are usually better for the environment with no emissions when they are being driven. Electric carts are usually several hundred dollars cheaper when they are purchased new and the biggest expense will be a complete replacement of the batteries which will be several hundred dollars.


These are just a few factors to think about before your big purchase. There are plenty of custom options for each engine style to give you more power or a longer range. With a booming custom golf cart market, there is no shortage of quality carts with either engine for sale. Either choice will give you reliability and a great way to cruise around.