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Golf Cart FAQ - Golf Cart tires and wheels zone
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We get questions all the time from current or potential golf cart owners so we compiled a list of the most frequent ones below.

What are the most popular accessories for my golf cart?

  • Unless you want to get crazy and go for a fully customized golf cart, the three best selling accessories would be a rear flip down seat, an overhead stereo console, a high quality enclosure that let you drive in the rain. Click on any of the links to see how we rated the accessories that are on the market today.

How long does my electric golf cart need to be charged for?

  • Usually overnight which is about 8 hours but it depends on the age of you batteries and how low the charge on them is. Just plug your cart in before bed and your ready to go in the morning.

What is legally required to make my golf cart street legal?

  • Depends on the state but usually it includes adding: turn signals, brake lights, head lights, taillights, seat belts, a horn, a windshield with wipers and a license plate. Just call your local DMV to get the facts straight from the source. Amazon has a good selection of street legal kits that contain everything needed to get you on the road.

What is the best way to keep my golf cart protected from the weather?

  • Two common options that will depend on what you want
  • Option 1: If you still want to drive, a full enclosure is an easy solution. These are retractable and will allow you to drive in the rain or snow if you really want to. This are fitted for your particular model of golf cart and can be fully waterproof. Check out the best enclosure for your golf cart that we reviewed.
  • Option 2: is a cover, this is the cheaper option but you will not be able to drive as this is essentially just a fancy fitted tarp for your golf cart. This offers complete protection from the rain and sun. If you plan on storing your cart outside for any length of time this option is for you. Click Here to find out how we ranked the covers that are on the market today.

Is a gas or electric golf cart better?

  • This is a personal choice and will depend on how you use your golf cart, rules where you live and what kind of terrain you will be driving in. Both options will provide you with a reliable ride that is cheap to drive around in. Gas carts usually have a range of 200 plus miles per tank ,while electric is usually less than 30 miles per charge. Electric carts are very quiet and non polluting so if this is a major selling point than go electric.

Can I customize my golf cart?

  • Yes, if you can think of it, a good custom golf cart shop can make your dream a reality. There are golf carts that look like classic pickups, fire trucks, Hummer h1s, Rolls Royce coupes and anything else you can think of has probably been done. Depending on the options you want you can spend as much as you want.