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Golf Carts vs Cars - Golf Cart tires and wheels zone
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Throughout the country there are several communities where golf carts reign supreme as the primary mode of transportation. From the Villages in Florida to Sun City, Arizona, many of these master planned communities are 55 plus retirement enclaves are meccas for golf carts. golf cart community

  1. Fuel efficiency- whether your cart is driven by a gas or electric motor, golf carts are just cheaper to run than the average car. The lightweight construction and slower speeds really reduce the cost compared to commuting with a car everyday.
  1. No insurance requirement– In most states golf carts aren’t required to be insured. This cost can really add up over time. Although if you own a tricked out ride that you want covered in case it gets stolen or smashed by a drunken retiree it might be a good idea to pick up an insurance policy.
  1. No license requirement– This might be good for you or not but usually you can drive you golf cart without a license. Whether you gave up driving a car but still want the freedom to get around or the judge says you can’t drive for 6-12 months a golfgolf cart neighborhood cart might be a good solution.Trading you car in for a golf cart can make a lot of sense if everything you need is a cart ride away. With the rise of apps like Uber, even those rare occasions where you need a ride to the airport or out in town are now a breeze. We compiled a list for you of reasons why golf carts are superior
  1. Cost for a custom ride– If you ever want a 32 Ford coupe but didn’t want to pay the 50k for a totally custom one, a replica golf custom golf cartcart coupe will only cost you a few thousand. Although you wont be hitting triple digit speeds or sending up clouds of burning tire smoke a custom golf cart is well within the reach of most people. Any car style can be made by one of the many custom golf cart shops for a reasonable budget.
  1. Garage space– A one car garage can fit a whole fleet of four golf carts. This means you can save money by downsizing on your two car garage requirement and flip that money saved into creating your dream cart.
  1. Just more fun– Probably the most important reason on the list. Golf carts are just more enjoyable to drive than regular cars. There is a freedom that comes with cruising around without doors and the wind in your hair. Parking is a breeze too once your ready to call it a day.

The idea of getting rid of your traditional car and switching only to a golf cart household may seem radical but tens of thousands of people are going without the burden of owning a car. If you have a short commute or are thinking about retiring, a golf cart community might be a decision to consider.