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Off Road Golf Carts - Golf Cart tires and wheels zone
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Some people are happy with a stock Club Car or Yamaha golf cart to drive around the neighborhood or the back 9, others want to turn them into a off road machine capable of cruising through the toughest mud or the bumpiest trails. If you own a stock cart and are looking to turn your cart into a capable mud beast we made a list of the must have items to get you started.

  1. Lift Kit– If you want to do some serious off-roading you need to increase your ground clearance a lift kit a larggolf cart lift kiter set of tires are the two accessories you have to buy. Most people go with a 3-6 inch lift to start with,this will set you back around $300 for the kit plus installation. Once installed you can fit your new off road golf cart tires. Although this is a pricey mod it is a small price for the added trails and terrain that becomes accessible. You can check out the lift kits we reviewed by clicking here.
  1. Big Tires– An aggressive set of golf cart mud tires will get you going through some serious terrain. StoGlossy Black Godfather Wheels A:T Tires 12%22ck tires are meant for the fairway and the paved golf cart trails and not any kind of rough riding. A set of 18-22 inch tires with an aggressive tread that’s designed to give you more traction in the mud is the standard
    upgrade in the tire department. We ranked the best ones on the market just Click Here to find the best golf cart tire for you.
  1. Fender Flares Designed with you in mind, a set of these will keep your cart golf cart fender flareslooking sharp and the mud from covering you when your driving through the mud. A set of 4 will cost you a little over a hundred bucks but pays off the first time you take your cart through a swamp. Click Here to check out the selection on Amazon.



  1. Camo-Lets face it, off-roading just isn’t the same without lots and lots of camo. Other than looking awesome, camo covers for you seatscamo for golf cart will protect them from the abuse they are about to take. Pretty much everything for golf carts comes in camo patterns from fender flares to complete enclosures. Amazon has a decent selection of camo wraps for your entire golf cart.
  1. Brush Guard – If you like to run over small trees or just brush guard for golf cartcruise through the rough terrain and heavy brush, a heavy duty brush guard is in order for you. This not only gives you style points but protects the front end and the headlights on your golf cart. An investment of a couple hundred can save you some serious repair bills down the road if you have a habit of running into objects heavier than a golf cart. Check out Amazon for the full selection.

Keep in mind this is a short list of off road accessories that are available to you. You can throw on folding windshields, upgraded headlights or a gun rack if really want to go for it.