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Golf Cart Lift Kits - Your #1 Resource for Information

Golf Cart Lift Kits

Jake's 6|| Spindle Ez Go Lift Kit

  • Ez Go Golf Cart Lift KitsThe Ez Go Golf Cart Lift Kit by Jake is a great kit to get that cart off the ground. 6″ adds a decent amount of lift, at a decent price, and with a decent quality. This won’t break down on you tomorrow like some of the Chinese products we’ve seen.

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Yamaha Golf Cart Lift Kit

  • Yamaha golf cart lift kitsThe Yamaha Golf Cart Lift Kits by Jake are well manufactured and durable. Coming in just shy of $300, this is your best bang for buck on the Yamaha lift kit category. Roll into your next party 6″s taller.

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Golf Cart Lift Kits Rankings

Club Car Lift Kits

01yamaha lift kitsMadJax Club Car Lift KitA+$$$$6"
02Club Car Spindle Lift Kit Club Car Spindle Lift Kit by JakeA$$$6"
03Economy Club Car LIft KitEconomy Club Car Lift KitA$$4"
043" Jakes Club Car Spindle Lift KitJakes Club Car Spindle Lift KitB$$$3"
05Double A-arm Lift Kit For Club Car PrecedenDouble A-arm Lift Kit For Club Car PrecedentB$$$$6"

Yamaha Lift Kits

01Jake's 6" Spindle Lift Kit For Yamaha Jake's Spindle Lift Kit For Yamaha A+$$$6"
034Yamaha Block Lift KitEconomy Yamaha Block Lift KitA+$ 4"
02Jake's 7" Double A-arm Lift Kit - YamahaDouble A-arm Lift Kit - YamahaA$$$$7"
04Jakes Off Road Long Travel Yamaha Lift KitJakes Off Road Yamaha Lift Kit - AdjustableB$$$$$$Adjustable
05yamaha golf cart lift kitYamaha Golf Cart Lift KitB$$$6"

Ez Go Lift Kits

01Ez Go Lift Kit SpindleJakes Ez Go Lift Kit - SpindleA+$$$6"
03Economy Ez Go Block Lift KitEconomy Ez Go Block Lift KitA+$ 4"
02 Axle Lift Kit EZGO Jake's 4" Axle Lift Kit B$$$4"
04Jakes Off Road Adjustable Lift KitJakes Off Road Adjustable Lift KitB$$$$$$$Adjustable
05ATV Electric Golf Cart inch Lift KitATV Electric Golf Cart inch Lift KitC$6"

Yamaha Golf Cart Lift Kits

KISS – Keep is simple stupid. If you own a yamaha, buy yamaha golf cart lift kits. And if your not a full time or part time mechanic, I’d let the professional install this for you. It may look straightforward, but if you value your fingers, I suggest you get some help. It’s by no means rocket science and youtube explains it well, but things have been known to go wrong when installing these. Your call, your health, your fingers.

Cheap Golf Cart Lift Kits

You could buy something cheap, but then again you might be losing your soul to an early grave. Cheap is cheap, and when your talking mechanical parts, you need some degree of durability. A lot of weight goes on these lift kit parts, so its best you don’t cheap out.

Club Car Lift Kits

KISS – Keep it Simple Stupid.  Once again, if you own a club car, buy club car lift kits. Simple is sane.

Ez Go Golf Cart Lift Kits

Once again, if you own an Ez Go, buy the Ez Go Golf Cart Lift Kits

How high should I lift?

How high is to high in regards tolift kits for golf carts? A common question, and one you’ve already asked yourself. Why don’t you let us bring up a few valid points for you to consider. By no means are our suggestions the right ones, there just thoughts. So take them as you will.  6″ is the perfect height for a lift. If you have bigger tires and rims, 6″ is usually a good balance to get the clearance, as well as give your cart that extra size. A taller cart looks bigger, and a cart that looks bigger, can sometimes look better. It won’t look better if you jacked it up 16″. That would be plain ridiculous. 8″ you can get away with too, but thats on the big side. So keep it under 8″ or risk the chance of being “that guy”.

Lift Kits for Golf Carts

We get a little excited when talking about Lift Kits for Golf Carts. This probably wasn’t even a search in google years back and now its all over. Lift Kits for Golf Carts are popular now because the use of golf carts is ever expanding. Entire communities now drive them around as their main source of transportation. Sure there maybe not setup for winter driving, or storms, but who couldn’t use an extra day at home in front of the fireplace, good wine, good food, good company.