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Golf Cart Seat Covers - Top 10 Of The Web

Golf Cart Seat Covers

Golf cart seat covers can take your cart from 0-160 in style points real quick.  It’s like a fresh coat of paint on an old barn door.  If your seat has tears, rips, fades, holes; perhaps a set of custom golf cart seat covers will turn the looks of it a full 180 degrees.  Have you heard of the broken window effect?  Its an old adage that goes something like this: “If there is one broken window on the street, it is more likely that more will follow”. This is because people take care of things differently when things are taken care of.  If you let something go, your sure to let other parts of it go as well. These covers can truly revitalize your cart, bringing that like new feeling. Its an affordable solution, where your other option is replacing the entire seat. If your seat is still in decent condition, but needs a touch up, don’t spend the money on a new seat.  If you have an Ez-go cart check out the Ezgo golf cart seat covers.

Golf Cart Seat Blanket

  • golf cart seat blanketNot the most stylish accessory, but it gets the job done. Easily removable and for the price, you can’t beat it.  A classic plaid appeal to those still wanting to golf in their knickers, high socks, and high waisted pants.

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Fairway Sport Mesh Seat Cover

  • Classic Accessories Fairway Sport Mesh Seat CoverProtects new seat and restores the look of old seats. The unique diamond mesh weave allows for air circulation and allows a sporty look.

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golf cart seat covers

Ezgo Golf Cart Seat Covers

Ez come Ez go. Taker easy, and if she’s ez take her twice. Wait what? Hah, just kidding. But seriously, ezgo golf cart seat covers can be practically any type of seat cover. Some ezgo golf cart seat covers are made specifically for ezgo, but thats not necessarily your only option. Many others fit, so don’t fret.

Custom Golf Cart Seat Covers Seat Cover

Some custom golf cart seat covers are easily removable. On and Off and On and Off. This process is a breeze and helps with cleaning. It will also help keep your seat cover from looking old fast. The removable feature is a great way to keep that fresh new clean look on your cart. It can also absorb sweat, and keep you warm in the cold. And don’t forget fashion comes with custom golf cart seat covers.

How much should I pay?

Around $30 for a brand new removable seat cover is a good deal. If your looking for an entire new seat, expect it to be no less then $100.  You don’t want to buy something that will fall apart in a week, and you want these golf cart seat covers to be durable enough to withstand many washes. Also, be realistic, your seat cover will age as well; so don’t go spending $400 on something, unless your buying vintage or Egyptian hand knitted cotton. And if you do, keep that for your dates, and those special nights your trying to impress someone. Custom golf cart seat covers will cost you more.

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