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Golf Cart Tires Zone - Find Your Best Tire Options Here

Golf Cart Tires

Kenda Hole-n-one Tire

  • Golf Cart TireOne of the better options in our eyes. Versatile, lightweight, and good for on-street, off-road, and course driving. If you can use your current wheels, this is a good option to save a few bucks.
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Kenda Scorpion K290 Tire

  • Kenda Scorpion K290 ATV TireYour best choice for knobby performance at a low price. If your doing lots of off-road driving, these tires are a great option. Lightweight and puncture proof. These are traditionally ATV tires, but we see more and more people using them for their carts.
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 Golf Cart Tires Full Rankings

01Carlisle Fairway Pro Golf Care TireCarlisle Fairway Golf Pro TireA+$$
02Golf Cart TireKenda Hole N One TireA+$$
03Kenda Scorpion K290 ATV TireKenda Scorpion K290A+$$
04Dot Golf Pro Plus TireDot Golf Pro Plus TireA$$
05Aero trak knobby tireAero Track Knobby TireA$$$
06swamp fox aggressive tire 6-plySwamp Fox Aggressive Tire 6-PlyB+$$$$
07sahara classic tireSahara Classic TireB$$$$
08Super Lug Aggro-TireSuper Lug Aggro-TireB$$$
09Soft Turf TireSoft Turf TireB$$$
10Speed Cross TireSpeed Cross TireC$$$
The Rest Not Included

Golf Cart Mud Tires

If mudding is a high priority for you, we recommend buying ATV tires. Obviously check the fit, size and your golf cart specifications, or you may be required to get a lift kit. But there are products out there that are as snap and play as they can be.  We’ve recommend a few for you.  So if mud whipping weekends are your thang, ATV tires on a golf cart will do the trick.

Golf Cart Tires for Sale?

You have a lot of options to choose from and that can be overwhelming.  So don’t fret, take a deep breath, 10 or 15 minutes and you’ll find what you need. The number one rule to remember when shopping for golf cart tires or wheels, is that tires and wheels are different. So if the product is only listed as tires, your only getting the tire. Don’t make the mistake many others have made. All the products listed on this page are tires. Where are the best golf cart tires for sale?  Buggies Unlimited and Amazon seem to have the best options. Buggies unlimited have a wider variety and free shipping over $140. But many products on Amazon have free shipping as well, and we’ve tried to list those with the highest reviews and best value in our mind.

Golf Cart Tires Cheap

Looking for cheap tires?  Think again. Buy best value.  You don’t want to just go ahead and buy the cheapest tires out there. You’ll probably come home with them, strap em on your cart, ride around for a week or two, then have all sorts of warped out psychedelic shit going on down there. Cheap tires are usually cheap for a reason. Affordable, durable tires are another story. You don’t need to pay an arm and a leg to get decent quality, and if your not looking to break the bank every year, get yourself some decent quality.

Club Car Tires

What type of club car tires are your best bet? Well depends on your club. Do you have snobby stuck up clients? Well maybe a bit of flash will keep em happy. Are your clients out for a good time?  Are they going to rip around faster then normal on the course. Keep all these in mind when looking for club car tires. You don’t want to get some knobby off road tires if the kids will just speed across the fairways and greens. In no time, your course will be shredded. Sometimes lack of grip is a good thing, in this case, it often is. Even the grandpas and grandmas will flip a cart over rambunctious behaviour.

EZ Pro Golf Cart Tires

You can get fancy if you fancy it. The fact is, an Ez Pro golf cart though means nothing for fit. It all comes down to the dimensions of your specific cart and what it can handle. Some people get their ego all inflated and stack up their ride with big rims and big tires.  All the power to you, if thats you.  I mean, as long as your getting quality stuff and take care of it, why not boss your gear out.

Golf Cart Off Road Tires

Knobby knobby knobby. Golf cart off road tires aren’t hard to find. Your best bet is to get ATV tires and stack em on.  Trust me, tons of people do it and their one of the best selling products on amazon for golf cart tires. Just be sure to check your fit and specs before buying them.  Theres an array of sizes and you don’t want four new ATV tire wall pieces… not cool.

Yamaha Golf Cart Tires

OEM or original equipment manufacture is rarely necessary. You’ll pay an arm and a leg to get OEM, and trust me, the value is not there. Your better to go with a different tire, but be sure it fits.