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Golf Cart Wheels

12 Golf Cart Wheel Yellow Jacket

  • 12 golf cart wheelsAre you ooking for some ” 12 Golf cart wheels that are beautifully crafted to turn some heads?  These don’t make you look like your trying to hard, yet give that subtle “I got class” appeal. Trust us, these are sexy and classy.

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Steel Wheel Black Basic

  • WheelsBasic black is best. Almost always. Black is classic, timeless. But it does show knicks more then white. Keep that in mind. Nonetheless, these basic black beauties are a great value buy.

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 Golf Cart Wheels Full Rankings

01golf cart wheels steel whiteSteel Wheels WhiteA+$13.998
02Steel Wheel Black BasicSteel Wheels BlackA+$16.998
0312 golf cart wheelsAluminum RangerA+$55.998
0412 golf cart wheelsYellow Jacket SS MFSilverA$89.9912
0512 offset spoked black w stemOffset Spoked Black w StemA$31.9912
06Steel Wheel 8 Offset WhiteSteel Wheel Offset WhiteB+$16.998
0710 Golf Cart WheelsSpectre Wheel OffsetB$65.9910
0810 white steel offsetWhite Steel OffsetB$26.9910
09Steel Wheel Black 10Steel Wheel Black B$25.9910
1014 Dominator Wheel Matte BlackDominator Wheel Matte BlackC$89.9914
The Rest Not Included

Golf Cart Wheels

Are you looking for golf cart wheels? Not sure where to start?

  1. Do you need new wheels?  Well, are your current ones warped, dented, look beyond restorable condition?
  2. What size do you want?  8 10 12 14 ?
  3. Are you going for class or practicality?
  4. What is your budget?

If you have an unlimited budget, get something in the size department of 10-12. An aluminum rim is better looking, but needs some TLC to keep fresh.

Golf Cart Rims

Rims can really add that extra, over the top, look to your cart. If your driving it around your neighbourhood, pick something classy. Something that will last, and something that will wear well.  You don’t want to have to polish and clean your rims every day. Unless that’s your style, i’d recommend going something mid tier. It will last a long time, and it’ll wear well. If you don’t want to spend the money and are looking for practical, affordable and best value, the steel wheels (rims) are your best best. The word rim is another word for wheel. In case you were confused why we mentioned rims.

Golf Cart Wheels 14

Looking for some big boys? These golf cart wheels 14 inch will require a lift kit, but they’ll also give you a lift kit to being noticed in your neighbourhood. The days are past when people would stand around and look at each others cars. The days have come when people now stand around and check our your sweet cart ride. Lift Kit, these rims, and low profile tires… you’ll stand out, thats for sure.

Wheels for Golf Carts

Basic black has stood the test of time, in all avenues. Even Marilyn Manson has stood the test of time. Maybe not the music, but the person definitely. Black is clean, black is tidy, black is timeless. Now these puppies may show a bit more wear and tear over time. A paint chip or dint on black shows more then a paint chip or dint on white, or off white. They’ll also show dirt more. But if your keeping the cart clean, black looks best, almost always. There are plenty of wheels and colors to choose from, yet black stands out, and forever will.